This groundbreaking gallery opened its doors in mid-January, 2013. Founded by designer/sculptor William Halliday and investor Scott Blust, ArtHouse429 has taken up residence in the heart of the Art’s District – Northwood Village, in West Palm Beach – Florida. This rapidly changing neighborhood has become a pioneering area for emerging artists, entrepreneurs, designers and architects who enjoy the dramatic spirit of a recently developed area. ArtHouse429 leads the way in providing high quality, high value, and collectible fine art in Palm Beach County and beyond, while promoting the excitement and energy of the rejuvenated Northwood Village; which has been buzzing with the addition of great new restaurants, galleries and shops.

ArtHouse 429, 429 25th St., West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Hours:  Tuesday-Saturday from 11am-6pm, and by appointment.

For additional information on Arthouse429, please contact  Gallery Manager Mary Coyle at 561.231.0429 or by email manager@ArtHouse429.com.


Professional Services:  Fine Art Sales/Interior Design 

Art Consultation

Fine Art Curating

Art Handling/Installation (a free service offered to all local clients who purchase work from ArtHouse 429).

Interior Design Consulting

Custom Fixtures/Furniture Design and Fabrication

Event Space


Artist/Owner:  William Halliday

William Halliday, gallery owner and director of ArtHouse 429, is first an artist specializing in sculpture. He established a prominent and successful design company in 1988 after moving to Washington, D.C. While there, he and his business partners established themselves as creators of unique and outstanding artistically built environments, which among other projects created fascinating restaurant and commercial interiors and exclusive night clubs. In 2002, Halliday moved his company to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where he utilized his professional career experiences and innovative vision to attract clients from the Mid-East and all over the world; he returned to the United States in 2006. Throughout his career in the design business, Halliday also has designed and built custom motorcycles, planes, racecars and motor boats and the resultant fabrication skills that he developed are continually evident in his artwork. He currently works on metal sculptural objects in his Northwood studio, which adjoins the gallery space.

Special Expertise

Interior and Architectural Design Consulting

Interior Decoration Consulting (Specializing in Art and custom installations)

Sculpture Design and Fabrication

Project Management Consulting

Artist/Gallery Manager: Mary Coyle

Mary Coyle  is the Gallery Manger of ArtHouse 429, as well as a nationally showing/published artist and curator. Coyle is originally from Philadelphia, PA, where she received her BFA from the Tyler School of Art – Temple University, and her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Within her fine artwork Coyle is a creator of fiction; adorning many disguises. Her performance as actor in her own video work allow for the re-invention of self. Issues of identity and gender are brought into question. As performer, she inserts herself into an invented world.  In her constructed works, opposing imagery is delicately composed and placed with elements of interior design within an ornate frame. Glamour, beauty, and humor are employed seductions to worlds that comment on narcissism, femininity, and the spectacle. A selection of her works can be found on this site, or on her website mccoyle.com.

Submission Policy:

If you are interested in submitting your work for review, please send us an email to manager@ArtHouse429.com  with “Submission” in the subject line. You can include a website link or several jpgs of your work. Also include medium, dimensions and retail prices. If we feel your work would be a good fit for a future show at the gallery we will contact you (please do not call the gallery for updates on your submission). Unfortunately, we cannot respond to all submissions due to the high volume we receive.  Thank you!

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