Amauri Torezan

                 Amauri Torezan (b.1972 , São Paulo -Brazil)  Born and raised in Brazil , Torezan was surrounded by the arts at a very young age. Growing up in São Paulo , as in any other metropolitan center, he was always exposed to street art ,museums ,art workshops ,and public art of all forms . The surroundings were the natural source of information that subconsciously built up into this  self-taught artist.   Later , already living in the USA , Torezan kept creating his abstract art  at a private level , when  a series of inspirational events , led him to expose his paintings to the public . Since then , thousands of viewers have appreciated his art and it has been part of private collections throughout USA and parts of Europe.  Torezan's abstract paintings are heavily inspired by the  Mid 20th century futuristic design elements ,and composed by a combination of hard-edge geometric and organic shapes ,calling the attention for its vibrant colors.    “ Through these colors and forms ,I hope to light up the mood and the creativity of the viewers, letting them have their own creative moment  ,when looking at my paintings.” Amauri Torezan (b.1972 , São Paulo -Brazil) Amauri Torezan is a Brazilian born artist currently based in South Florida. Inspired by the work of the pioneers of abstract art ,Torezan developed his unique style creating hard-edged compositions flatly painted on canvas. In his paintings, geometric forms seem to be floating around each other evoking a sense of depth, as though the shapes were eternally suspended in space. The strongly contrasting colors enhance the dramatic and exuberant effect, creating an overall sensation of blossoming and burgeoning life. Torezan's work has been part of many important exhibitions including , Art Wynwood 2015, LA Art Show 2015, Conception Gallery during Art Basel Miami 2014, and he is currently part of private collections throughout USA and Europe.

See Amauri Torezan collaborate with Gino Miles for their 2014 Art Basel Miami piece