Dan Fenelon


Trained at the Arts Student League in NY and the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, Dan has had seventeen one man shows in galleries from Chelsea NYC to LA California. He has produced giant murals in different states and had a featured mural exhibit at the Montclair Art Museum. In 2012 Dan designed the ornaments for New Jerseys tree at the National Christmas Tree Display in Washington DC. Dan’s artwork was also featured at Major League Baseball’s Fancave in NYC. In 2010 Dan was commissioned to create a large scale mural to welcome the Dalai Lama to the Newark Peace Summit. In that same year he was comissioned to paint another large scale mural in the city of Grand Rapids MI.   “I call my work Urban Tribal. It is a mix of modern art fused with many cultural influences including (but not limited to) African, Aztec, Egyptian, Asian, European illuminated manuscripts, graphic novels, cartoons and street culture. I am also fascinated with the masters of Modern art ie: Picasso, Pollack, Basquiat, Keith Haring. All these elements eventually get processed through the graphic filter in my head and turn into the work you see ... I want it to be both light-hearted and have deep meaning at the same time.”