David Charlowe


Photographer David Charlowe winters in Florida near the seaside community of Palm Beach. Walks along the beaches of South Florida are his favorite way to start the day. One morning David was struck by the contrast between the fabulous mansions and the sea walls that fronted them. The tide, storms and nature had revealed layers of the wall previously hidden by the sandy beach. “The exposed wall was reminiscent of something you might see in the seaside village of an emerging nation, not in this manicured seaside playground.” Although distressed, eroded and in need of repair, David found a certain beauty in the look of the wall and was inspired. Exposed was born out of this observation. Charlowe wants to take the viewer on a journey of discovery. Each image reveals a moment in history. The pinks ­ are they from the 50’s or the 80’s? The terracotta’s ­ did they coordinate with a fabled manse? Are the scars in the wall from a once elaborate gate? Let your imagination lead you through this inspired exhibit.