Ernesto Kunde

Born in Paraíso do Sul, Brazil in 1973, Ernesto Kunde began his artistic journey by experimenting with works on paper: drawings and controlled coffee stains. Turning his attention to painting full time in 2009, Kunde has expanded his aesthetic technique and has developed a captivating body of work.  Currently residing in Miami, Florida, Kunde’s work is inspired by his surroundings.  Miami has long been a complex, tangled landscape, which continues to intrigue and beguile generations of visual artists. For Ernesto Kunde, transforming the mangroves, wild birds, and crackled Deco architecture into a physically viable format is a simple process.  He displays a keen eye for interpreting his tropical surroundings maintaining a colloquial tone: the vital elements of Miami as a natural and urban biosphere are omnipresent for Kunde, appearing on cuts of canvas, found wood and corrugated aluminum. He infuses his work with a Pop Art sensibility, choosing highly saturated, contrasting tones with completely opaque shadow. Color gradients and differentials are just barely visible beneath intense layers of paint; the world may not be rendered in such stark appearances, but Kunde remains impressionable as each moment is firmly imprinted onto his media. Traces of Warhol, Prince, Ruscha and more contemporary practitioners such as Fiona Rae and Banksy populate his body of work. In a consistent state of experimentation and exploration, Kunde's own practice is developing under the watchful eyes of the Miami he knows....and doesn't know.  Kunde has shown extensively throughout South Florida at venues such as the Boca Raton Museum of Art, Sardinas Gallery at St. Thomas University, the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, and the Little Haiti Cultural Center. His work was exhibited in the 2012 and 2013 editions of SCOPE Miami. He is currently an artist-in-residence at the Bakehouse Art Complex and his work has been featured in local and national outlets such as, The Sun-Sentinel, Irreversible Magazine, and Studio Visit Magazine.