James Sagui

  James is a self-employed woodworker,sculptor,furniture designer-maker who trained in the Program in Artisanry at Boston University and has been working as a professional woodworker since the age of 15. Born on the New Jersey Shore in 1956, raised in Vermont, and after more than 20 years in Boston, he has now established a  woodshop in West Palm Beach, Florida and is a member of the Florida Craftsmen Organization, the Furniture Society , sculptor.org and the Artists of Palm Beach County. He currently teaches a woodworking class at the Armory Art Center of West Palm Beach, FL. SELECTED EXHIBITIONS:  Biba Gallery, Palm Beach, FL, Art Rouge, Design District, Miami, FL.,  Florida Craftsmen Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL,  Old Heritage Museum, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Artsonian Gallery, Miami, FL, Serendipity Gallery, Worth Avenue Palm Beach, FL, AE Backus Museum, Fort Pierce, FL, Fuller Museum of Art, Brockton, MA, Society of Arts & Crafts, Boston, MA, John Hancock Tower, Boston, MA... James' work is collected worldwide and is also on view in the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston, MA.  

..."My personal aesthetic is ever-changing. For a long time my choice was a marriage between form and function rooted in traditional techniques.I have evolved mainly into sculptural work because this is where I can give more 'personality' to a piece. Having a carving tool in one's hand, working the wood, one is connected by the chisel much like one is connected to paper by pencil. I use traditional carving tools because of my training in traditional woodworking, the historical connection and because of what I feel to be a spiritual link between the material, the tool and the creator. My sculptural work is often my personal commentary on the human condition and my encounters with contemporary society. I believe that the more technologically advanced we become, the greater the urgency for people to make things with their hands, hearts and minds..."
"Artisanship is not a means to an end. It's part of the value of what is being created..." - William Morris, designer & philosopher.