John Torreano

For the past 40 years John Torreano has challenged such modernist dogma as essentialism (i.e., the flatness of painting) or the idea of art as "container," with a concept of meaning based on a "multiplicity of points-of-view" or as he would say; "There are many stars. There are many gods." In his effort to expand these boundaries he has enlisted a wide variety of unconventional materials and means, i.e., acrylic gems, wood spheres, krylon paint, polyhedrals, snubnose moldings and glass all in an effort to reconstruct a formalist vocabulary. Armed with these tools, a great wit, and a physical sensitivity to color and material, his work confronts the viewer with many of the oxymoronic binaries of contemporary art/culture. (In addition to object making, Mr.Torreano has given many comedic performances to that same end.) Nationally and internationally recognized, he has exhibited his work in numerous Museums and Galleries and his achievements have been recognized with grants including the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship and the National Endowment for the Arts and recently with a Nancy Graves Foundation Grant for Visual Artists. Professor Torreano is Program Director of the MFA in Studio Art at New York University.