Jose Cordova

JOSE CORDOVA (Maturin - Venezuela) The work of Jose Cordova, invites the viewer in. You have to look carefully to see how the artist transgresses the narrow confines of 'form'; transporting his audience to a magical world, full of childhood memories. The spinning top, the suspended houses, the carousel horses, the infant trains .... Everything tells of a wonderful world that still lives in the soul of the adult. The diffusion of light is through a glaze, created by imagination, taking his viewers to a land of dreams. CORDOVA manages to synthesize the effects of light, color and space, in the same way it was done by the masters of Impressionism. Its content, comes from the magical realism that is so present in the Latin American culture. His images may well be some of the boats, which sailed up the River Magdalena, carrying on a journey of no return -Florentino and Fermina, unforgettable characters of Love in the Time of Cholera.