Marcelo A. Salinas

  Pan American Cultural Exchange and ArtHouse 429 are proud to present Marcelo Salinas to the public of West Palm Beach, Florida. Marcelo was born in Colombia, lived and worked in Chile, Perú and Mexico and currently lives and works in Oakland, California. 'In this work, I seek to present an alternative representation of the traditional photography. I take a photo of an interesting shadow and reconstruct it into a new image, a new photograph. With obsessive repetition, I print the original image many times, in many different sizes.  Then I cut and paste fragments into an empty canvas, creating the new image.  Finally I photograph the collage and print it out as a single-image, once again. Truth and illusion come together in these constructed images where the shadow is their common point of departure. To me, the shadows represent something that was once there, but no longer exists; a remembrance, a dream.'