Marilyn Walter



Walter is an avid educator who taught visual art classes for the Council Lifetime Learning Program at the National Council of Jewish Women New York Section. She also worked with the Intergenerational and Art & Memory workshop series. Walter attended Fairleigh Dickinson for her BA and continued her education at Parsons for teaching. In 2011 and 2012, she participated in the School of Visual Arts Summer Residencies in Painting & Mixed Media and Printmaking & Book Arts. Since participating with NYC HomeBase IV, a Social Engagement Project, Walter is currently experimenting with the incorporation of social interactions into her art.

Artist Statement:

The swirling, poetic moments, when I close my eyes and allow real and invented experiences to intersect, inspire my current mixed media paintings on paper, canvas and panel. People, places, thoughts, shapes and colors from everyday life move like quick films or snapshots; mysterious picture dramas shift between the seen and unseen, moving from the transparent to the obscure; and patterns, events or phrases become volatile and unsettling in my art. I document and observe these unfolding events, which engage the imagination and create a sense of place. My process in creating art is to erase, inscribe, trace, incise, collage and transfer the resultant marks and images onto paper, canvas, wood, plastic or Plexiglas. Colors, shapes, movements, textures are repeated on multi-layered mixed media surfaces, becoming collages of traces. I reach the desired result when the patchwork of translucent plastic, paper or blackboard paint seamlessly incorporates the surrounding elements. Growing up in Kuwait and Iran has allowed me to combine my passion and knowledge of both Eastern and Western cultures in my art. The influence of pattern, multiples and use of space viewed in my childhood are visible in the digital technology and printmaking processes that I use in creating my current work - a confluence of the timeless and the present.