Rosa Canelon

Rosa Canelon (1981, Barquisimeto - Venezuela) The youth of this impressive artist and her work shows an amazing maturity. The consistency in her work is more than proven. She has managed to exhibition simultaneously in two museums in Venezuela - Barquisimento Museum and the Museum of Art at Acarigua Araure. Canelon graduated from the School of Art Armando Reveron in Caracas, she has been consistently showing. She has called this collection of works 'SOUL OF THINGS'. Her work passes the scope of the privacy of  'home'- the usual private spaces: the dining room, the bedroom, the bathroom. The objects become protagonists, heeled shoes, a female wallet, lipstick, tells of a seductive woman. The comfortable upholstered chair with flowers invites us to rest, the telephone, the pillow, the clock ... . Obejects with stories that are woven together from the intention of the artist, who seeks to arouse feelings and emotions in the viewer. She comments on femininity and the domestic through her detailed, almost voyueristic narratives. The implicit emotion in the work is fierce, as is the boldness of color management that Canelon uses. She dares, she wants to provoke, and manages to surprise in each work. There is freedom in the use of color. The color is clear and autonomous going way beyond the composition and any type of system. This style is reminiscent of the Fauves artists, like Matisse. The exaltation of the chromatic contrasts bring Van Gogh to mind. With all these tools Rosa Canelon succeeds at encouraging her 'everyday objects' to become extraordinary.