Tom Barnes


Born in High Point, North Carolina, Tom Barnes grew up in the pine forests of South Georgia. During his youth, he would spend summers in Savannah, Georgia, with “the twins” who introduced Tom to the “city of parks” where the three often ended up in Telfair Academy, the only art museum he visited until he was 16. The combination of femininity expressed in the works of the museum influenced Barnes’s own “long neck ladies,” which have be- come his signature. In 1990, Tom retired from the corporate business world and began to paint. Self-taught, he works primarily in watercolors. Barnes’s work has been well-received since. In December 2011, he was accepted into the Société Nationale de Beaux-Arts in Paris. His juried image “Clarisse,” a 4’x4’ watercolor on canvas, was displayed for four days in the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris. His juried image “Sadie and Sallie,” a 2’x2’ watercolor on canvas, was also accepted and hung in the Carrousel in 2011. In February 2013, Barnes was asked to submit a body of works for jury by the Academy of Arts, Sciences, and Letters in Paris. In June, he was awarded the Bronze Medal Painting and his work “My Three Graces,” a 30”x30” watercolor on canvas hung in the Carrousel du Louvre in December 2013. Barnes’s “long neck ladies” have become his signature subjects translated into water- color on canvas. The attitudes and poses of these subjects express the widest range of feminine emotion. The layers upon layers of brilliant transparent watercolor in gambouge, Prussian, sap green, azrillian crimson, ochre, and vermillion build a dynamism of colors that captures one’s attention. The touch of 14K gold gives these decorative artworks a sparkle that adds a touch of glamour from an era long gone.

“The expressions you observe are telltale snippets of my temperment: delight in the earth’s abundant glories, peace with the life process, and excitement over what is yet to come.”

-Tom Barnes