‘BACKGROUND: Cultural Inspiration in Contemporary Art’ Opening April 10, 2014

BACKGROUND Installed (Dan Fenelon, William Halliday, Roy Carruthers, John Martini)

(Dan Fenelon, William Halliday, Roy Carruthers, John Martini)



ArtHouse429 is pleased to announce ‘BACKGROUND:  Cultural Inspiration in Contemporary Art’ opening April 10, 2014 @ 6:30pm. (The show will be on view until April 30, 2014).

Since the beginning of humankind, we have roamed the planet in search of ways to express ourselves. Some tribes utilized the self as a human canvas through body decoration, while others fashioned feathers into adorning headdresses. Native Americans produced beautiful decorative blankets that also had a useful purpose, while Eskimos devoted long winters to carving intricate images of creatures from the sea. In every culture creativity was certainly a part of conveying a love of craft and resourcefulness that was often found in utilitarian objects. Even Picasso was influenced by African masks discovered in an exhibition in Paris, which persuaded him to explore geometric shapes and prompted the invention of cubism.

Now art is international, with individual cultures around the world influencing art trends; making stars out of young artists who have found a way to utilize their talents, while holding onto their traditions. The world is now a big round melting pot of creativity that is no longer isolated, but can be instantly accessed.  Technology has made the world, society and culture a continuously tangible influence. ArtHouse429’s new exhibition, ‘BACKGROUND,’ surveys the rich and varied differences amongst artists producing work in faraway places, while commenting on notions of contemporary art.

(Artists included in the show:  Lucia Ferrara, Helen LaFrance, Dan Fenelon, Haku-Ryu, Carl Craig, Orlando Chiang, Nzingah, Addonis Parker, Alvaro Rojas, Kamran Riazi, Anthony Burks Sr., David Gaither, Gerard Fortune, Roy Carruthers, John Martini, William Halliday, Bessie Harvey.)

We are also proud to announce that March of Dimes will be our charitable partner for this event!  A suggested $10.00 donation at the door, as well as a portion of all proceeds will go to March of Dimes.