EXPOSURE: The Fine Art Of Photography, Opening May 8, 2014 @6:30pm


Kim Sargent, S-Stairs, Photograph, 53.5 x 40 inches

Kim Sargent, S-Stairs, Photograph, 53.5 x 40 inches


ArtHouse429 is pleased to announce, ‘EXPOSURE:  The Fine Art of Photography’ opening May 8, 2014 @ 6:30pm (exhibition on view until May 31, 2014).


The word photography was coined in 1839 from Greek roots: phos meaning “light” and graphé meaning “drawing,” so together, photography is “drawing with light.” Photography is the result of combining several different technical discoveries that go as far back as the sixth century, when a type of pinhole box developed into the term “camera obscura.” A few hundred years later light sensitive substances were conceived, eventually making the modern day print a reality.


Not surprisingly, the popularity and potential of photographic imagery did not go unnoticed by artists and novice photographers. From the Daguerreotype to the Brownie Box to the Polaroid and now the digital camera equipped cell phone (don’t leave home without it!), artists jumped on the bandwagon when they realized the possibility of utilizing this relatively novel device as a new creative tool. Suddenly, portraits did not have to be commissioned in oil paint and could be created virtually overnight (and with the advent of the digital camera, instantly), persuading artists to take this portable invention wherever they went. Artists became explorers, foraging about to document landmarks and to create their own compositions using their surrounding environments as inspiration. In the beginning, taking pictures became a popular method of creating new art forms, although it was difficult to convince the public of its value because of the suspicion that an unlimited number of images could be produced. Once that hesitation in the public’s mind disappeared, the popularity of collecting contemporary photography became a big deal, along with a thriving market where the sales of certain single photographs have reached unthinkable values in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


ArtHouse429 celebrates the remarkable creativity that the camera offers artists by mounting a lively group exhibition of local and regional photographers whose outstanding images were snapped in a split second at exactly a decisive moment to be processed, manipulated, enlarged, duplicated, and pixilated, and ultimately framed and portrayed convincingly as an acceptable and certainly legitimate work of art. In their exhibition EXPOSURE: The Fine Art of Photography, the gallery is showcasing an exciting line-up of photographic images whose common denominator is invention and recognizable quality.

Artists in the exhibition include:  Maria Lankina, Kim Sargent, David Charlowe, Cheryl Maeder, Stuart Wanuck, Carol Munder, Javier Bohorquez, Joel Cohen, Christopher Fay, Lance Connelly, and Hilmar Stemmler.