I BELIEVE IN YOU – Featuring Sara Ann Gallagher March 24, 2016


We are pleased to host a solo exhibition of paintings, which feature narrative based explorations of  identity.

March 24, 2016

5-8 pm

‘I feel that what’s really inside of us is hidden by our outer appearance. We create a boundary much like being inside of a glass box where everyone can see you, but not get passed the walls surrounding to see what’s inside ‚Ķ Our disguises allow us to surrender only what we feel must be revealed. The communication becomes distorted into an imaginary life and the true feelings, thoughts, happiness and even pain is never really fully experienced. Passion, love and sex are also misinterpreted. Our own ‘canvas’ then remains unfinished because the truth is so hard to come by.’ – Sara Ann Gallagher

Sara Ann Gallagher is currently living in North Palm Beach, FL. She grew up in North Carolina where her love of the arts first began. She has been selling art from the early age of 12, and has now sold hundreds of paintings – including to celebrities such as Ethan Hawke. Gallagher has had solo exhibitions all over the country, including New York City, North Carolina, Kansas City, Florida and Washington DC. She studied at the College Of Design at North Carolina State University and then transferred to the School of Visual Arts in NYC to finish her Fine Arts degree.