SOLO EXHIBITION: Sergey Fedotov, New Works from Moscow, Nov 14 – Dec 7, 2013

Image: Sergey Fedotov. “Poppies”  36 x 36 in. Oil on Canvas, 2013

ArtHouse429 is pleased to announce the first exhibition of the 2013-2014 season: New Paintings by Moscow-based artist Sergey Fedotov.   The exhibition runs from November 14 – December 7. An Opening reception for the artist will take place November 14th from 6:30 – 8:30 PM.

Sergey Fedotov had a successful career as a physicist in Russia, but at the same time was exploring painting with a passion for visual harmony and a curiosity with combining abstract expressionist theory and narrative subject matter. The reaction to his artistic experiments was strong enough to convince the artist to continue painting full time. The results of his concentrated efforts have gained him international recognition and a dedicated following of collectors and critics. Last year during the LA Art Show, his work was included on the front page of the Los Angeles Times in an overview of exhibiting galleries. Recently, the Coral Springs Museum of Art announced an upcoming major survey of his work. Two new books have been published on Fedotov’s paintings and a major review appeared in The Huffington Post.

Fedotov’s work demonstrates the artist’s love of juxtaposing images and background, combined with a new breed of color field painting and forceful textural surfaces along with a natural and almost primitive force, which seems to spin in all directions like a meteorologist’s map describing the calm before a storm. Some of the new works become mesmerizing dreamlike sequences that move from side to side as a viewer investigates the composition, and a recognizable image often comes into focus. Fedotov takes a clever cue from other major players in the history of contemporary art while incorporating an intuitive spirit that is all his own. Artists such as Dubuffet, Gauguin, Gerhard Richter and Jackson Pollock, as well as Willem de Kooning, come to mind, all of whom utilized layers of aggressively built-up paint.

A portion of the proceeds from the opening reception and sales of Mr. Fedotov’s artwork will be donated to the Center for Creative Education, in West Palm Beach.

Sergey Fedotov will be in Palm Beach for the duration of the exhibit. Please call ArtHouse429 at 561.231.0429 to schedule an appointment for a private viewing with the Artist.